Bowie's Picks of the Month

Playstix 105 piece Translucent Set is a construction toy that inspires and encourages kids to create the extraordinary.

“I like Playstix because you can make anything you want with it. You can use your imagination. You can make cars, planes, a bike, a house. It’s really fun cause I really like building cars, it has everything I need to build a car. I also like it because it’s very colourful. The colours look like jewels and the pieces are easy to use.”

With Keva Colour Pops building creativity is endless thanks to precision-cut, quality-stained planks.  Adored by kids, educators and parents around the world it offers a plethora of ways for children to experiment with balance and proportion and gain an interest in architecture and color theory.

“I love Keva Color Pops There’s all shades of purple. Purple is one of my favourite colours. Some of the pieces look white, but they’re actually just light purple. Then there’s the medium and dark purple ones too.

You can make anything you want, art or towers. I used the booklet and I made art. What I made looked a little bit like a star.  My sister built a tower. It was high and cool."

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