Stella's Picks of the Month

With Wind Power 2.0 kids gets to build wind-powered generators and another six models from a glider to a tricycle.

“I liked Wind Power 2.0 because it was fun to build. I made my own model of a windmill and it was exciting to see it finished and ready to generate power. It was fun to turn it and see the button light up red because that means it’s generating power. 

The most challenging part of building it was aligning the gears properly. The gears had to be aligned perfectly in order for it to work. It was really fun to learn how power can be generated with a windmill that you can place outside or use with fan to collect air and start working.”

An Escape Room Game for the home, Exit the Game – The Abandoned Cabin – is a puzzle game that strikes the perfect balance between logic and lateral thinking.

“Exit the Game is a very challenging. It’s a great brain teaser with challenging riddle cards, puzzle to solves and activities.

It wasn’t easy to figure out how to escape the cabin, but after about an hour and a half, I succeeded. I played with my dad and sisters and we all loved this game. The best part was answering the riddles, because I love riddles.”

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