Happy New Year from us at Evolve Toys!

We are lucky to have our very own in-house toy testers. Over the Holiday break from school they were very busy playing and testing toys that they chose. As usual, if a toy doesn’t make the Evolve cut – it doesn’t get re-ordered.

Here eleven-year-old Stella shares her January favourites from our hand-curated collection of educational toys.

Albert Einstein’s Letter Block Puzzle don’t just spell out his famous name, they’re used to complete twelve sets of baffling challenges. You start with the easier opening challenges and build up to the bigger more complex ones.  

“This is a fun brainteaser that you can do alone or with a friend. You have to try and figure out all of the challenges. I figured out a couple, but I’m still trying to figure out many of the other harder ones.  I think that doing it with a friend or even a few friends may help in figuring out the harder challenges.

What I like most about this puzzle is that it makes you think. I was trying to solve the challenges even when I wasn’t actually playing with the game, like before falling asleep at night.”

With the Volcano Making Kit kids make their very own volcano. They can make it erupt with bubbling lava.

“This was a super duper fun activity. I liked it so much because there’s many steps to it. First, I had to make the mold, pour it into the volcano cast and let it dry overnight. It’s so exciting to see the mold once it’s dry and you take it out of the cast. I painted it a red-brownish colour to make it look like a volcano. Once the paint dried, the last part was to make it erupt. I used baking soda and white vinegar. Seeing the eruption was the best part!”

February 05, 2018 by Keren Besner