Summer Favourites – Toy Tester Approved

Summer is officially here. Long hot days that stretch out as long as those pink and orange filled horizons. Endless hours spent lounging and playing in the backyard or park, knee deep in sandboxes or swinging as high as possible. Running through sprinklers, swimming and blowing bubbles.  An infinite amount of ice cream and popsicles, dripping down chins and making little hands sticky. This is summer. We’re in the midst of it and cherishing every single second.

For July and August, we have a few favourites to share with you. We enlisted two brothers Jack and Beau, who tested a couple of toys that are good options when needing to keep busy bodies indoors on a rainy day. But that can also be played with outdoors.

We also have three-and-a-half-year-old Lucas, who rode the BMXIE, a balance bike that is part of our new Active Collection.

Our in-house toy tester Bowie, tried out and couldn’t get enough of the Teeter Popper, another new arrival. Coco, built a Thirsty Plant Kit, that tells you when it’s time to water your plant and Stella, had some fun digging up a fossilized T. Rex baby.

“I liked learning about the dinosaur. The T. Rex is scary but it’s also strong. My favourite part was putting all of the squishy parts together. It was so cool,” six-year-old Jack, who loves baseball and hockey and loves learning about animals.

Squigz are fun. They stick together. And you can balance the middle part that looks like a ball on another Squigz,” Jack and his year-and-a-half brother, Beau.

“The main reason he loves the BMXIE is because he’s learning how to use balance skills on the bike, although it was challenging at first. At his age the seat is very low and therefore the falls are never so dramatic.  He also loves anything with speed.” Andrea, Lucas’ mom

“When I’m tired I rock on the Teeter Popper slowly.  But when I have a lot of energy, I can go really fast. It’s like having a see-saw at home.  I can also stand on it and make it rock. The popping sounds that it makes are fun,” six-and-a-half-year-old Bowie.

“Building the sensor for the Thirsty Plant Kit was amazing because I got to actually putting it together from the beginning and understand how it works. Now I use it with a plant in my room. My plant is never thirsty cause the sensor tells me when to water it,” eight-and-a-half-year-old Coco.

“I liked that I was able to play with Dig it! Dinos outside. I felt like an archeologist digging up the baby dinosaur,” eleven-year-old Stella.

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