Top 12 Trending Science Toys

Last Month we compiled a list of our top ten trending engineering toys. The positive feedback we received from parents and Evolve Toys followers, had us take the next obvious step: compile a list of Top Trending Science Toys. 

When putting this list together - again broken down by age - we did encounter one small problem. We have so many unique and fun science toys that have become best-sellers, choosing only ten was difficult, so we chose 12!

We know that you’ll find it helpful and that it’ll provide useful gift ideas for the most important people in your life.

1.Start-Up Circuits, 18 months+

Your little one will be in awe! Once they click together the chunky pieces and then flip the switch they’ll get excited to see results: the spinning fan, the glowing light and the whistling siren.   Start-Up Circuits exposes children to actual working circuits in a completely safe way. All switch blocks and action tops are interchangeable for mixing, matching and experimenting. We love it because young kids develop an innate understanding of circuitry and build a strong foundation for future STEAM success.

2.Kids First Science Laboratory, 3+

Parents get ready to help lay the groundwork for strong STEAM related skills and comprehension for children as young as three-years-old. The Kids First Science Laboratory was developed to foster a child’s inquisitiveness and interests. It provides tools and open-ended learning experiences to optimally support their development and scientific thinking. It encourages the use of fine motor, science and math, problem-solving, and reasoning and concept development skills. Thanks to the 24 large, plastic, scientific, durable, reusable and easy-to-handle tools, children can experiment freely and creatively. The full-colour manual explains to parents and adult supervisors how the tools should be presented to their children, as well as offers insight into a child’s developmental stages.

3.Stepping Into Science, 5 – 7

Scientific investigation awaits! It’s easy offer kids a lifetime of scientific interest and understanding with Stepping Into Science. The kit includes a 48-page guidebook and 25 fun experiments in five key areas: nature, physics, chemistry, air, and water. What’s great is that kids learn and have the opportunity to try hands-on experiments with a variety of fundamental scientific concepts, from building a barometer to learning how sundials tell time and learning how to build a soap-driven boat and so much more.

4.Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set, 4 – 8

What is there not to love about this toy? Little girls who love Barbie™ will just adore this kit that encourages them to explore the world of chemistry. 

The colorful carrying case is actually a portable science lab with all sorts of tools and materials for science experiments. As kids read the story in the illustrated manual, they can experiment with six fun, safe potions and concoctions. Make a glittery pink slime. Mix up a color-changing mood putty. Erupt a volcano in a test tube. Make a lava-lamp-like fizzing reaction. Grow a delicate crystal feather. Experiment with bouncy golden putty. Learn the chemistry and physical science behind all the special properties of these potions. These are all of the experiments that await your children.

5.Botany – Experimental Greenhouse, 5 – 7

When a toy brings science and botany together it’s definitely making our list. Budding botanists will love to get their hands dirty with this unique biological science experiment kit. They'll learn about plants and seeds by conducting experiments in a specially designed botanical laboratory with greenhouse domes, complete with thermometer and ventilation.  They have the opportunity to construct an automatic watering system to keep plants form getting too thirsty, they can grow beans and flowers, they can learn about how budded branches can bloom in winter and do so much more. 

6.The Human Body, 5 +

Next-level-imaginative-play starts here! Which kid doesn’t like to play doctor? With the Human Body, kids don’t only play they learn by doing experiments with their five senses that show them how their body works. By exploring the external aspects of their body with hands-on experiments, they learn a lot about the body’s inner anatomy and the fundamentals of human biology.

Some of the experiments that they conduct: building a stethoscope and listening to their heartbeat to learn how their heart pumps blood, testing their lung capacity, discovering how their ears play a role in their balance and so much more.

7.Volcano Making Kit, 7+

Give them the tools and you’ll see kids thrive. That’s exactly why we love this Volcano Making Kit. It’s an awesome science project that will fascinate your kids and have them amaze their friends and family. It’s simple to use and engages children from the start. Kids get to make their very own volcano. They mould it out of plaster. Once dry and ready, they can paint and decorate it to their liking and then make it erupt with bubbling lava. Fun is guaranteed!

8.Thirsty Plant Kit, 8+

Original and innovative, the Thirsty Plant Kit is a sure-win science toy.  It’s a fun and simple kit for kids that teaches them how to build a solar-powered moisture sensor for their favourite plant. Using plaster, a few electronic components, and some solar panels, kids will make a sensor that tells them when their plant needs water. It's the perfect introduction to building functional circuits and learning about sensors! 

9.Nancy B’s Mighty Microbes & Germs Lab, 8+

We just love any toy that inspires discovery, fosters open-ended STEAM learning and gives kids a chance to become science superstars with Nancy B’s Microbes Lab & Germs Lab. By exploring the world that surrounds them, kids use real scientific tools and an activities journal that encourage the study and understanding of (harmless) tiny colonies of bacteria and fungi.

10.Crazy Drinks Science Lab, 8+

When a toy encourages logic, problem-solving, exploration, experimentation and an interest in chemistry it’s sure to become a favourite. New to our science category, Crazy Drinks Science Lab has children making drink that make them think! Following the illustrated activity book, kids get to learn loads of real scientific principles while creating crazy concoctions they can really drink.

They create a glowing polymer potion, an edible enzyme slime, alien ice cubes, liquids that really glow, and more - All while learning about real scientific principles, including density, solubility, enzymes, polymers, and more.

And the best part - After each activity, kids are left with a delicious drink they can slurp with the two swirly, whirly drinking straws!

11.Ultimate Secret Formula Lab, 12 +

This isn't your typical science kit. It’s a kid’s very own chemistry lab in a box! Just like a real science lab where the excitement of exploration never stops!

Made up of clear containers connected by winding tubes and valves - With just one look, this kit will have scientific imaginations reeling with excitement. As soon as they open up the included lab manual, kids immediately start learning by doing.

Start with the basics of air pressure and fluid dynamics, explore chemical reactions with different substances from around the house (e.g. baking soda and vinegar) and work through another forty experiments. But the fun doesn’t end there. Kids are encouraged to use all they've learned to set up and conduct all kinds of their OWN experiments.

12. Happy Atoms Introductory Set, 10 - 17

Chemistry fun is at your fingertips with Happy Atoms, that offers a revolutionary approach to teaching chemistry. Here kids can make their own happy atoms! Using a set of 17 atom models representing different elements, kids can assemble their own molecular models. They then use the included app for iPad¨ and iPhone¨ to snap its picture, and the app uses state-of-the-art image recognition technology to identify the molecule. The app recognizes tens of thousands of molecules. The app gives detailed information about 120 of the most important molecules and takes kids on guided quests to discover and learn about new molecules. Kids track their progress with the app, collecting sets of molecules that they have built and explored. This new technology now enables us to take an innovative approach to teaching chemistry, making it more tangible and instinctive than ever before.

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