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Climate & Weather (Eng)


SKU: 665006

With 23 hands-on experiments, kids can investigate specific weather phenomena as well as the climate system in general. They build a model of Earth and its atmosphere, then use it to conduct experiments that show how the global wind system works. They trace air currents from the icy cold poles to the warm equator and back with a wisp of smoke. Model Earth's heat reservoirs, thermals, and global and local winds. They recreate ocean currents in a small basin of water. They simulate Earth's rotation and revolution to learn how the sun affects the weather daily and seasonally. They learn about the climatic zones and the composition of the atmosphere. They experiment to see how carbon dioxide levels affect temperature. They explore the hydro-logical cycle to learn about humidity, clouds, and precipitation. They build a simple barometer, set up a rain gauge, and track the temperature. Full-colour, 48-page manual.

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