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Gyroscopes & Flywheels (Eng)


SKU: 665106

Gyroscopic force is a fascinating and magical phenomenon, with amazing scientific principles behind it. With the small, fast-spinning gyroscope in this kit, kids can build models and perform experiments that appear to defy the force of gravity by balancing and standing upright when common sense says they should fall over. Kids build a model of a break-dancer that uses the gyroscope to spin and balance on its head. They construct a gyroscopic vehicle that keeps its balance like a Segway but with just one wheel. They assemble a cool robot that can zoom along a thin rail on two inline wheels without falling down. The lower part of this robot is a flywheel engine, a fast-rotating, weighted wheel that stores rotational energy and drives a gearwheel that moves the model forward. Even more models can be built using the flywheel function, including a motorbike, a space car, and a trike. A simple pull of a ripcord starts the gyroscope and flywheel spinning, no batteries required! The 32-page, full-colour manual has illustrated step-by-step instructions.

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