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Kids First Physics Lab (Eng)


SKU: 628318

Kids will have the 20 models in this introductory physics kit racing, rolling, flying, falling, crashing, balancing, and spinning around in 22 action-packed science experiments. After following step-by-step illustrated instructions to build each model, kids test the models to demonstrate and comprehend basic laws of mechanical physics. While building the models and reading through the manual, they learn about various topics in the fascinating world of mechanical physics and engineering. The many experiments range from building a tightrope, a moving elevator, and a high-g astronaut training centrifuge to learn about forces, gravity, and weight, to building a pulley system, crane, and inclined plane to lighten the load and make work easier. And there's more, like assembling three machines from the Middle Ages Ñ a wheelbarrow, a balance scale, and a trebuchet to learn how levers have helped people do work for centuries and finally making an all-wheel drive vehicle with a flexible jointed design for optimal performance on rough terrain.

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